Welcome to the Counselling, Mental Health & Wellbeing Department of Chadsworth Sixth Form College (CSC).

Transitioning from High school to College is a big step that pinpoints when a child becomes a young adult. It can take time to settle into this new reality, and it is normal to experience a wide range of conflicting emotions- from excitement to fear.

We also understand that sometimes personal issues could impact our ability to focus on our studies and vice versa. We are here to help our students succeed throughout their stay with us and empower them to become better versions of themselves by:

● Providing a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space to discuss personal and academic challenges.
● Facilitating one-to-one individualised wellbeing sessions for students biweekly.
● Offering practical solutions to concerns raised through the use of psychological therapies.
● Facilitating weekly group wellbeing sessions to enable connections with other students in a safe and supportive environment that can be normalising and validating, reducing isolation.
● Using the weekly group wellbeing sessions to discuss important topics (such as interpersonal relationships, university life, finances etc.) and develop relevant skills (such as time management, decision-making, conflict resolution etc.) essential for personal growth and academic excellence.

Additionally, we work closely with the subject teachers, career counsellor and Head of Sixth Form to ensure that CSC is a safe, positive and conducive environment for learning.