Minimum of 6 good passes in IGCSE or WAEC (or equivalent) A good reference from previous institution Successful completion of College’s admission procedures

How To Apply

Step 1

Complete the application form.

Step 2

Submission of the application form with the following documents attached: o Two recent passport photographs. o Original birth certificate for sighting o Copy of birth certificate for file o All applicants must submit a mid-year report and academic transcript from their current school.

Step 3

Arrange a visit to the College (Step 4 and 5 can take place during this visit).

Step 4

Entry Assessment: All applicants will be required to pass the Chadsworth Sixth Form College entrance test/scholarship eligibility test in their chosen A level subjects.
An online cognitive standardised test will also be taken.

Step 5

Interview with the College’s Senior Leadership Team. Only pupils who have completed the admissions process will be afforded the opportunity to interview with the Senior Leadership Team. o The interview must be attended by both or one of the parents/guardians, with the student dressed in formal wear.

Step 6

Offer of Admission